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Collaboration and quality. Or why the one-man band isn't the answer.

Wolfgang Krach, editor in chief of the Suddeutsche Zeitung had a shopping list; “What we needed was one brand with quality as the priority.  Paid content with online first.  Cross-media with print, digital editions, and online.”  Above all he needed to end the separation between print and web news – to create a unified newsroom while reassuring his staff that what made them all different wouldn't be lost. 



Standing out from the CrowdTangle - Future Trends

Future trends become today's reality so fast that Tech Trends in Journalism was a must-see session for us at #ONA15.

Deep diving into Google - ONA 2015 Keynote

ONA 2015 kicked off with what it billed as “A Deep Dive into Google with Richard Gingras & Emily Bell”. Google is usually the elephant in the room when it comes to newsroom transformation so it was great to see the spotlight on the elephant for a change. Emily Bell (@emilybell) is an excellent choice of ringmaster too.  Back in her days as a Guardian journalist I particularly enjoyed watching Emily maul the then editor of a rival paper who had the temerity to declare his website 'the UK leader'.  Her refusal to accept such blithe statements backed by a firm understanding of metrics has proved typical so it made for a good pairing.  The nature of keynotes however meant that it was never truly going to be a 'deep dive' but the presence of Bell ensured that neither was it the 'fireside chat' that Gingras said he had been told to expect.