“Because the ink never dries on the web” - Livingdocs; fluid editing of flowing news pages

Along with Desk-Net, Livingdocs was one of the NZZ's stable of 'best-of-breed' software selections being explored at Editorial Days 2016. Livingdocs is a tool built around the idea that traditional CMS simply aren't designed for an era of constantly modified content being consumed in different ways on dozens of different platforms.


Livingdocs co-founder Gabriel Hase presented the product, a central hub for content that allows drag-and-drop redesign of page layouts along with the core concept that content is never 'finished' but instead a living flow that previous generation tools struggle to manage.


“A web page is a series of components; you can move them around as you wish. Designs become flexible, and you can choose any design you like, write your text, place it, and layout a front page,” he explained. “You can choose from a variety of web types and all editing is done in the browser”.


The beauty of which is that while it still showcases the work of talented production staff, it also allows for instant updating by editors and workflow managers who are not trained in production and layout. Re-ordering and design becomes a drag-and-drop process and of course as a platform-responsive tool it re-shapes to best suit the screen it displays on.


Hase's presentation (see above) was one of a number of testaments to the idea that the days of monolithic content management are gone, and instead increasingly an eco-system of agile tools is taking their place in today's newsroom software.

This case study is a summary of Gabriel Hase´s presentation "Modular Newsroom Systems". The presentation was first held at Desk-Net Editorial Days on June 9th 2016 in Hamburg, Germany.

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