New version: Drag & Drop III, performance and other improvements

Desk-Net has improved and we hope you like these changes of our new version (1.86):

  • Drag & Drop for events:  With this new version, events and appointments can be edited with drag and drop in a similar way to stories.

  • Performance: Especially users of large accounts should see decreased loading times on major pages such as the story lists.

Further small improvements and changes:

  • Improved entry form design: We have improved the visual design of the entry form in order to better guide our users when entering a story. More improvements will be implemented over Summer 2017.

  •  Font size: We have removed the option to change the font size in the upper right hand corner as this is this typically done via the browser nowadays. The special font size for use on a projector can be activated on the user's Settings page.
  • Filter the Timeline by platform: When you review all stories related to a topic on the Timeline page you can now filter the list to see only stories related to those platforms that are relevant to you (i.e. show me only the stories for online, not the stories for print related to #SuperBowl).

  • User Settings and Admin pages - New Settings Icon: We have redesigned the meta-navigation in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to now include a Settings icon. Because of this, the following pages have a new position: My Settings can be found under the Settings icon.

    As for the Desk-Net admins, the old Admin tab and all related pages can also be found under this new icon. As a result, the Admin tab will disappear from its previous position.


And don't forget:

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We hope these new features will make working with Desk-Net easier and more enjoyable. We welcome your feedback at

The Desk-Net team