New version: Tasks, Slack, location data

A new version of Desk-Net (1.89) has just been released this week. Many new features relate to a better task management and we introduce a new page:

  • New Tasks page: The most visible change is the new Tasks page which by default lists all tasks for a specific time range (e.g. Today) by deadline.
  • Mark as Done: You can now mark a task as done. Completed tasks are hidden from task lists such as the one on the new Tasks page or on My Schedule. Their corresponding stories, however, are not removed from story lists, of course.

    On the new Tasks page we have included new buttons on the right so that you can quickly mark a task as Done.

  • My Schedule: Users can mark a task as done right on their My Schedule list via buttons on the right. In order to keep the user experience consistent we have also added buttons to confirm or reject assignments.

  • Overdue: Tasks that are overdue are marked in orange on pages such as the new Tasks page or My Schedule.

In addition you can enjoy the following improvements:

  • Slack: You can send individual stories to Slack and comment on them. Learn more

    This is the first of three different types of Slack integration that we plan to deliver between now and Q2 2018.

    You are using a different chat tool? Please tell us

  • Location entry: Entering the location name and location address just got a lot easier. We hooked up Desk-Net to an address data provider.

    Once you start typing Desk-Net presents you with auto-complete suggestions for the address.

  • Auto-Refresh: Some of our customers are already benefitting from self-refreshing pages.

    Over Summer we had to take a step back and work on it longer than originally expected. We will activate it step by step over the coming weeks for all customers.


We hope these new features will make working with Desk-Net easier and more enjoyable. We welcome your feedback at

The Desk-Net team