New version: New colors, less clicks

A new version of Desk-Net (1.91) has just been released this week. We are kicking off 2018 with several usability improvements and an all new color scheme:

  • Colors: You might have noticed significant changes to Desk-Net's usability and look & feel in 2018. First we start off with a complete change of the color set. Hope you like it!
  • User list download: Admins can download the user list or a subset of it via a download icon in the upper right corner of the user list.
  • Cost center: Large customers often need allocate to different cost centers in their organisation.

    You can now enter the cost center of a user in his user profile. This information will also be displayed in the above-mentioned user list downloads. Learn more

And we have released a range of minor to moderate usability improvements. Here are some of them:

  • Apply button: We have completely removed the Apply button. Changes to the page filters are applied immediately without the need to click that button.
  • Story ideas: Many users always enter a new story as a story idea, i.e. without a publication date. Desk-Net will now remember this and the next time you enter a story that story idea setting will be pre-entered.
  • Markers for current day: We have more clearly marked the current day on many pages.
  • Larger character limits: The number of characters you can insert in the story description and into notes increases strongly.


We hope these new features will make working with Desk-Net easier and more enjoyable. We welcome your feedback at

-The Desk-Net team