New release: Slug, sticky date bars

A new release of Desk-Net (1.92) has just been deployed. The main improvement is the new Slug feature:

  • Slug: Users are now able to enter a slug above the description field. It is displayed across the application in all places where we display the description.

    You can use the slug both in the traditional sense as well as as part of the URL for the scheduled story as it can be synced with your content management system.

    On story lists you can choose to see just the slug or just the description - or both.

    Admins need to activate this feature on the new page General Settings in the admin section of Desk-Net if you want to use it. The plugins for WordPress and Drupal will be updated shortly to support this new feature.

    Learn more about the Slug feature.

And we have released a range of minor to moderate usability improvements. Here are some of them:

  • Sticky date bars: Many of you need to review long lists of stories and other data. With the release the date bar above the lists remains now at the top of the browser to provide you with a better understanding of what days you are actually looking at.

  • Updated widget design: We have rolled out updates to the design of many widgets such as the calendar widget with the aim of making them easier to use.

    This is just the first step. Over the next six months all widgets will be completely re-designed.


We hope these new features will make working with Desk-Net easier and more enjoyable. We welcome your feedback at

The Desk-Net team