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20 Minutes: Desk-Net as a part of a mobile-first content strategy

"A pure player that also edits a newspaper” is how Olivier Bonsart, president of 20 Minutes described the company in 2014, and while the brand made its debut with the free newspaper launched in 2002 the publisher has always stayed one step ahead of the game in digital.

Mobile first, mobile fast – the Agile approach to tools and architecture at 20 Minutes

When 20 Minutes launched in 2002 it was known for its print version and it remains the leading French free-sheet with 12 regional editions and a readership of over 2.3 million. But in 2017 20 Minutes is no longer a primarily paper product – it's a mobile first operation that uses the Scrum process (a subset of Agile development) to stay on top of its game.