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Severe downtime on Thursday, June 29th

[This post has been updated on Tuesday, July 4th with some more technical details.]

Desk-Net has experienced its worst downtime in more than ten years of operations today. And we sincerely apologize for it.


For the last several years Desk-Net has experienced significant growth in user numbers. Desk-Net system architecture, code basis and the servers we use have been updated many times over the last few years to cope with this growth.

Desk-Net Mobile has arrived - for easy mobile editorial management

Meet our brand-new mobile Desk-Net client. It allows you to manage your newsroom's story lists from your smartphone.
As a reporter or photographer you have instant access to all the information related to your editorial assignments.

Editorial management has for decades been something you do from a desk in the newsroom itself. To that end the Desk-Net team has focussed our efforts on providing you with an excellent desktop app. Small changes to this client have ensured you could also easily use it with a tablet computer (and we know many of you do).

New release: Improved editorial shift management

Just a few days before we are releasing our new mobile version we have several improvements in place for the desktop application:


After an extensive review of user feedback we have embarked on a journey of step-by-step implementation of significant improvements to the shift and availability features.

And these first two improvements are now available: