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New feature: Auto-suggest for hashtags

As announced during the Editorial Days, the auto-suggest function for Topics is now available.

Severe downtime on Thursday, June 29th

[This post has been updated on Tuesday, July 4th with some more technical details.]

Desk-Net has experienced its worst downtime in more than ten years of operations today. And we sincerely apologize for it.


For the last several years Desk-Net has experienced significant growth in user numbers. Desk-Net system architecture, code basis and the servers we use have been updated many times over the last few years to cope with this growth.

20 Minutes Scrums down to stay ahead of the pack on mobile.

“A pure player that also edits a newspaper” is how Olivier Bonsart, president of 20 Minutes described the company in 2014, and while the brand made its debut with the free newspaper launched in 2002 the publisher has always stayed one step ahead of the game in digital.