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Industries - EN - Magazine & Specialty Publishers

Flexible story planning

Need to see the story plan for the next three issues? Just want to review your planned interviews?

Desk-Net’s flexible viewing, sorting and filtering features boost your productivity by making it easy to see exactly what you need — without any distractions.

Manage staff assignments more efficiently

Want to assign a story’s text to an in-house writer, and its picture to a freelance photographer?

With Desk-Net, it doesn’t matter if a journalist is in your organization or not — you can send assignments to anyone, even if they’re not a Desk-Net user.

Your journalists can quickly confirm that they’ve accepted an assigned task. When a task gets declined, you’ll know right away so you can re-assign it.

In-house and outside contributors  can review their assignments and sync their appointments to their own calendar apps, keeping your team aligned and on track.

Keep track of tasks across teams and brands

What graphic assignments are due this week? Are any of today's tasks overdue?

Desk-Net makes it easy to review and manage tasks — even across teams and brands — so you can make sure the job gets done.

Track assignment status

Has that freelancer delivered copy? Has that graphic has been edited yet? Are you on track to finish that story on time?

Use Desk-Net’s status levels to track the progress of each assignment, from the moment it’s offered until it’s been approved for publishing.

Integrate with your CMS

It’s easy (and free) to connect Desk-Net to your CMS. Plus, you can customize the integration so it works the way you want it to.

Desk-Net has out-of-the-box integrations with WordPress and Drupal so you can connect to your CMS without any development effort.

Getting from story planning to CMS has never been so smooth.

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