Story planning

Planning Stories and Content

Plan stories across every platform

From digital to print, the number of publishing platforms is always increasing. Coordinating your stories across these platforms can be a headache.

Let Desk-Net keep you organized while you plan stories and assign them to any number of platforms.

View only the stories you need right now

You have a lot of stories and content to manage. So if you want to be productive, you and your team need control over how you view your stories.

Maybe you want to sort your online stories by publication time. Or maybe you want a bird’s-eye view of the stories in your next three magazine issues.

Desk-Net’s flexible viewing, sorting and filtering options don’t just help you stay in control of your stories — they help your team members work more productively too.

For example, photographers can instantly find stories with image requests so they can get straight to work.

Desk-Net’s viewing features help everyone on your team see the exact story list they need without any distractions.

Group stories by topic

Many stories are part of a single topic:

  • A major news event such as an election

  • A communications campaign

  • A topic you cover often

Desk-Net makes it easy to group these stories with hashtags so you can stay organized. No more chaotic spreadsheets or unruly browser tabs. Review the lists of these stories and export them for analysis.


Task management

Managing Tasks

Assign and manage tasks across teams and platforms

Which photo tasks are due today? Which graphics tasks are overdue?

As the pace and complexity of your work increases, you’ll need a tool to help you take control of countless assignments and tasks.

Desk-Net makes it easy to assign and manage tasks across teams and platforms.

Track assignment status

Need to know if a freelance contributor has delivered copy? Or if that video has been edited yet?

Desk-Net helps you keep your assignments organized from start to finish with status levels.

Keep track of each individual assignment — text, video, graphic, etc. — as it makes its way to “Approved”.

Manage the assignments of your internal and external staff

Coordinating Staff

Manage staff assignments

Desk-Net makes it easy to assign tasks to internal and external staff — even if they don’t have a user profile.

Request confirmation for assigned tasks, or quickly re-assign them if they’re declined.

Your internal and external staff can review their own assignments and sync their appointments to their own calendar apps, keeping everyone aligned and on track.

Create shifts and keep track of staffing

In your fast-paced work, you need to know who’s available and who isn’t.

Desk-Net’s absences and shift management feature lets you

  • Create your own types of shifts such as "Late Shift" and assign users to them
  • View each shift’s staffing at a glance, so you can take action as needed

Keep your team on track with appointments and deadlines

The lives of journalists are packed with appointments and deadlines. But if your journalists aren’t where they need to be, when they need to be there, your story’s progress comes to a halt.

Desk-Net makes it easy for your team members to keep track of all their appointments and deadlines so your stories get published on time.

Plus, your journalists can quickly confirm or decline new assignments from their phones, so you know right away if you need to re-assign.

Create networks with other teams, departments and companies

Modern story planning doesn’t stop at your department’s door.

Desk-Net lets you collaborate with other teams, departments and companies on your own terms.
Simplify your workflows in-house, with your freelance contributors and across entire departments.

You can even create editorial networks across multiple Desk-Net accounts so you can collaborate with other companies.

Plan and track editorial appointments

Managing Appointments

Plan and track appointments for your whole team

Does your team cover lots of events, like press conferences, football games or trade shows?

These events and appointments need to be reviewed and managed efficiently:

Who’s covering which events? Does each event have the right coverage, or do you need to make a change?


With Desk-Net you can easily manage appointments and their coverage in one place, saving you the time and frustration of entering these details manually.

Import and export calendar data quickly and easily

Event data can come from many places, such as wire services, your own local event database and other sources.

Seamlessly import the relevant information from these feeds into your Desk-Net calendars and story lists.

While Desk-Net quickly becomes the central location for all your editorial appointments, you may need to use that data elsewhere.

You can easily export your personal and group appointments into other places, like your iPhone calendar.

Integrating Desk-Net with other tools

Integrate With Other Tools

Get from story idea to CMS without a hitch

Content management systems (CMS) are always becoming more powerful. Unfortunately, the process of getting from story idea to CMS is still a mess.

Desk-Net streamlines the whole process from the moment a new story comes up, to the moment your content reaches your CMS.

Move seamlessly through story pitches, press invitations, assignments, scheduling and more before your CMS takes over.

Connect to WordPress, Drupal, Slack and more

Desk-Net is a powerful tool all by itself, but we know it’s not the only tool you use.

That’s why Desk-Net is designed to connect to your content management systems and other software.

Desk-Net offers out-of-the-box integrations with WordPress, Drupal, Slack and calendar tools such as Outlook.

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