Story planning

Story planning

Plan stories across online and print platforms

Stories must be coordinated across an ever-increasing number of platforms.

Desk-Net allows you to plan stories and assign them to any number or type of platforms.

Our customers use Desk-Net to plan for online, daily or weekly newspapers, magazines, social media, radio - you name it.

Work with those story lists that you need for your business

For online you may need to have your stories sorted by publication time. Reviewing the story lists of a magazine's next three monthly issues you probably want to see those three issues right next to each other with the stories sorted by section.

And as a photographer you just want to see those stories with a picture request.

Desk-Net provides you with a wide range of views, sorting options and filters so that every user sees exactly the story list they need for their job.

Manage and review your story lists on the go

Need to see at a glance what stories your newsroom is working on?

Desk-Net's mobile version provides you with a comprehensive list of all stories across any number of platforms.

Just want to see Sports stories with a video? Multiple filters allow you to do just that.

Additional information keeps you informed on a story's status and who is actually working on that story.

Create editorial networks

Modern story planning does not stop at the door of your editorial department.

Desk-Net helps you collaborate the way you want to:
Simplify the workflow with your freelance contributors or between desks or across entire editorial departments within a publisher.

You can even create editorial networks across multiple Desk-Net accounts. This allows you to collaborate across company borders.

Plan and track editorial appointments

Management of editorial appointments

Plan and track editorial appointments across desks

Covering a press conference or a football match is part of the daily routine for many of our users.

These events and appointments need to be reviewed and managed in an efficient way. The coverage needs to be decided on.

With Desk-Net you manage appointments and their coverage in one single package.

This reduces the amount of manual entry and allows you to review both the appointment data and the coverage information at the same time.

Seamlessly process press invites with the Desk-Net Inbox

Many editorial departments receive lots of press invites and other emails that need to be turned into entries in their editorial calendar.

Our Inbox feature lets our users forward such emails straight into Desk-Net's story lists and calendars. No information gets lost, hardly any manual work is needed.

That's what we call efficiency.

Import and export your calendar data

Wire agencies, your own local event database and other sources send out event data feeds.

Use Desk-Net to import those feeds and seamlessly move editorially relevant information into the calendars and story lists in Desk-Net.

While Desk-Net quickly becomes the central location for all editorial appointments you probably want to use that data in other places as well.

You can export your personal appointments or the appointments of entire groups into other calendars such as your iPhone calendar.

Desk-Net means seamless workflow from story idea to handing over data to your CMS

Workflow improvements

Seamless workflow from story idea to handing over content to your CMS

Modern content management systems are becoming ever more powerful. The coordination processes prior to working in the CMS are, however, often a mess.

Desk-Net streamlines these processes from pitching a story or managing incoming press invites via story planning, assignment and shift management, to receiving raw content from freelance contributors and handing such content over to other systems like a CMS.

Track the status of assignments

Need to know if a freelance contributor has delivered copy? Or if a video has been edited yet?

Use status levels in Desk-Net to keep track of such process steps.

Status levels can be used both for individual content items (e.g. text, video, etc.) and for entire stories containing multiple content items.

Manage the assignments of your internal and external staff

Staff coordination

Manage the assignments of your internal and external staff

Desk-Net lets you easily hand out assignments to both internal as well as external staff. Even to users without a Desk-Net user profile.

Request a confirmation from them and easily re-assign in case they have to decline the assignment.

Users can review their own assignments on their My Schedule page and sync their appointments to their electronic calendar.

Assign users to shifts and keep track of their absences

In a fast-paced newsroom environment you need to keep track of who is available and who is not.

Use Desk-Net's absences and shift management feature to get help on this.

Define a shift such as "Late shift" and assign users to it. See how the shifts are staffed and act if Desk-Net indicates understaffing on specific days.

Your editorial appointments and deadlines at your fingertips

As a reporter or photographer you hurry from appointment to appointment. The next deadline is typically right around the corner.

The page My Desk-Net keeps you informed about all your appointments and deadlines. When prompted you can instantly confirm or reject an assignment.

Use our API to connect Desk-Net with one or multiple content management systems

In the cloud - secure and easy-to-use

Use the Desk-Net API to connect Desk-Net with one or multiple CMS

Desk-Net can easily be used as a stand-alone tool.

However, more and more customers opt to connect Desk-Net to one or multiple content management systems.

In most cases they use our API and Desk-Net's ability to connect to other systems' APIs. This allows a bidirectional transfer of data.

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