New release: Pub status per platform, sub-topics

A new version of Desk-Net (1.96) with these improvements is now available:

  • Statuses per platform: The list of statuses used to apply to all platforms.
    With the new release, you can specify per status which platforms it should apply to (Admin > Statuses).

  • Sub-topics: Need to structure your topics or campaigns better? Now you are able to define sub-topics.

    This is especially handy for campaign management and the coverage of major news events such as a sports tournament.

  • Turn off specific features: Not all customers use all the features in Desk-Net, of course. For this reason, we allow admins to switch certain features on or off.

    While this has been possible for quite a while we will increase the number of such features significantly over the next few months.

    With this release admins can disable the following features in the Admin section: Confidentiality, location, attachments and story note.

  • Default status per platform: You can now select a default status per platform in the admin area. Whenever a story is entered this status is pre-entered.

    Desk-Net used to pre-enter a new publication status based on the status of the previously entered story. According to many users this led to many incorrectly entered stories.

    Setting the default status is easy: Access the platform page in the admin area. Open a platform for editing and select the Advanced Settings tab. On that page you can define the default status.


We hope these new features will make working with Desk-Net easier and more enjoyable. We welcome your feedback at

The Desk-Net team