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Slack in the newsroom - how and why Slack is re-writing editorial workflow

“Our office in the cloud”, “where work happens”, “chat on steroids”, “the new water cooler”.

All of these are ways that Slack users have described the newsroom tool to media Ccnsultant Marian Semm. “For some it is even the central tool replacing the CMS” declares Semm, who went from a newspaper background into specialising in media technology.

Hold the front page! - Terror on the doorstep


“We are a very typical regional media house” began Andreas Kemper, the Digital Managing Editor of the Main-Post. “We have a circulation of 120,000, and an editorial staff of 150”.

Kemper's emphasis on being a normal newspaper like so many others was in stark contrast with the shock of a terror attack a stone's throw from the newsroom.

State of the (Desk-Net) Nation: Editorial Days 2017

Time may not be so kind to you or I, but as Desk-Net's workflow software gets more mature, it is becoming more wrinkle-free.

That was the message from Desk-Net founder Matthias Kretschmer at Editorial Days 2017 as he quietly acknowledged that it is now 10 years since the company was founded - “not that it feels like it”.