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McPherson Media Group is a regional publisher based in Shepparton, in Victoria, Australia. The area around Shepparton is dominated by the Goulburn and Murray rivers and as a result is best known for water sports and a laid-back lifestyle but there is nothing laid-back about managing a media company with a dozen news sources.


  McPherson Media Group; The soul of Shepparton. 


Desk-Net: Editorial management tool in the cloud

Guest author Günter Bächle is in charge of the local news desk at the Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung. Twelve editors work for the desk.

The local news desk of the Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung covers 38 communes with a total of 444.000 residents including five cities with between 25.000 and 40.000 residents.

How do you keep on top of a dozen regional editions and an audience of 46 million visitors? With Desk-Net of course; 20 Minutes told us how.

20 Minutes is the average time Europeans spend on public transport each day, but to most of us it's now better known as the news source that broke the mould. When it launched as a free newspaper in Paris in March 2002 it began a free paper war.  

By 2013 it was the most widely read national paper in France.

In 2007 launched, and is now the third most visited news site in the country.