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Our Editorial Days agenda

Go With The Flow

Where once it was deadlines that dictated publishing it is now about the news flow. Modular publishing tools are edging out monolithic CMS as newsrooms respond to that demand. Information flow has also become the key feature of the new breed of communication tools such as Slack and Hipchat.

News: Custom status levels, scope feature & satisfaction survey

We have just released a new version of Desk-Net with features that many of you have been waiting for. And we have some more news for you.


Custom status levels

By popular demand! Desk-Net provides you with a set of standard publication statuses such as Accepted or Proposal. With the new version you are now able to

  • add your own status levels,
  • deactivate those you do not need and
  • reorder the list.

Find setup help here.


Scope feature

You can now enter the scope of a story measured in various units such as pages or seconds. Desk-Net will then aggregate all values per issue and display them in a note above the story lists.

This feature can be activated per platform in the admin section. Click on "Advanced Settings".


Timeline upgrade

Need to see a list of updated assignments? Select the new assignment option on the Timeline page and see the most recent updates. For example: Show all videos in status received that are planned for website A.



We upgraded the performance of Desk-Net significantly over the last few weeks. The upcoming version has featured additional improvements for all event lists (sorted by time).


User satisfaction survey

You may have noticed that we have sent out user surveys in the last weeks. We would like to thank you very much for your feedback. Every single response is being reviewed with care.


Based on the results we have changed our roadmap for the second quarter.
And we will address the following aspects:

  • Readability of story lists
  • User-friendliness of the story entry form
  • Drag and drop
  • Auto refresh of story lists (further down the road)



Editorial Days 2016

This year´s customer conference will take place on June 8th and 9th in our hometown of Hamburg. Learn from industry peers about workflows and newsroom management with Desk-Net. And connect with international colleagues from the news, magazine and communication industry. Registration is open now.



7 potential pitfalls on the path to digital transformation

“Every company is unique but we have worked with publishers from A (Austria) to Z (New Zealand) and we find the challenges for newsroom transformation are remarkably similar. We find the same preoccupations – the customer focus, the digital focus, and in particular how to become digitally focused while retaining the print product as a platform that drives sales.”