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2 minutes read

Aptoma's content editor, DrPublish, is now integrated with Desk-Net and is live in a customer's newsroom.

The integration is bidirectional, meaning you can make changes in either Desk-Net or DrPublish and these changes reflect in the other.

How DrPublish and Desk-Net exchange data

In Aptoma's "create an article"-dialog, check the box that lets you sync the article information with Desk-Net. Even if you do not check the box, it's possible to select the option later.

Sync meta data from Aptoma to Desk-Net

When you create an article in DrPublish, you send the relevant data for story creation in Desk-Net.

There is a direct link to the story in the article editor in DrPublish. Clicking on it will take you to the Story dialog box in Desk-Net.

Story dialog box in Desk-Net synced from Aptoma's DrPublish

Other relevant story information such as platforms (called distribution channels in DrPublish), platform categories, deadlines, time slots (prime times), tasks, and custom fields are synced whenever changes are made in either system.

Learn more about the Aptoma's integration with content calendar tool Desk-Net

Please get in touch with us to learn more about the Desk-Net and Aptoma integration.

For general information on how a content calendar tool interacts with a headless CMS, check our post – Content Calendar for a Headless CMS.