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Feature Announcement
2 minutes read

What's new?

Our new custom fields feature lets you create additional fields for more detailed and structured content planning.

With this feature you can create three types of custom fields:

  • Text - This field type is suitable for short or long text (e.g., URLs, keywords, review notes).
  • Single selection - With this field type, you can create a list from which users can select only a single entry (e.g., Month).
  • Multiple selection - This field type is similar to Single selection; however, users can select multiple entries from the list options.
Creating a custom field in Desk-Net

How custom fields can improve your content planning

Using this feature to create additional fields can improve your team’s processes. Creating a custom field will help categorize information. All users working on a story will be able to identify and place the additional information in the relevant field.

Instead of placing information like keywords, additional links, editors comments e.t.c in one field, custom fields can be created for each of these and help users quickly place necessary information and identify it when needed.

Learn about creating custom fields here.