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2 minutes read

InterRed is a software solution made for the publishing sector. The InterRed CMS is now integrated with the editorial calendar tool, Desk-Net.

The integration is bidirectional, meaning you can make changes to your stories in either Desk-Net or InterRed and these changes reflect in the other.

Rheinische Post, one of the top five newsrooms in Germany, is the first to go live with the integration. Horst Thoren, deputy editor-in-chief at Rheinische Post, is so far pleased with the integration:

With the new interface, planning and production are optimally connected. We can use the benefits of Desk-Net for planning and continue to publish efficiently with InterRed across all channels. This has significantly improved editorial workflows. We are very happy.”

Plans to have the integration go live in three other newsrooms of the Rheinische Post consortium within the next months are underway.

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