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2 minutes read
New release header 34

We are about to release several improvements in two steps soon. A new version of Desk-Net (1.93) with these improvements is now available:

  • Graphical topic view: You are now able to review and manage Topics by using our new Graphical View.

    The new page Graphical View displays colored topics per month, quarter or year.



  • Improved platform widget: We have taken another step in improving Desk-Net's usability.

    The widgets to select groups or platforms have been completely redesigned. Especially users working for companies with lots of platforms will find it easier to select the correct entries.

  • Drupal / Thunder and Desk-Net: We have improved our Drupal plugins. This includes an upgraded version of the plugin for Thunder, the Drupal-based CMS for the publishing industry.

In about three weeks we will deploy additional improvements:

  • Performance: We are working on improved page load speeds for the Search and the Undated Stories page.

  • Cleaned up Add bars: The areas where you add a task or a platform look cleaner and thus more user-friendly. Most users see a change similar to the following pic:



We hope these new features will make working with Desk-Net easier and more enjoyable. We welcome your feedback at info@desk-net.com.

The Desk-Net team