A structural content overview

Improve consistency with content aligned to your strategy

With the Topics feature, you get a structural overview of your content, broken down by relevant initiatives and key events under a specific topic.

Easily reschedule content or the whole campaign in real-time by dragging and dropping.

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Topics reflect content strategy in Desk-Net content calendar tool
Define topics or buyer personas with Desk-Net content calendar software


Put your audience first

Planning, executing and tracking all content and campaigns can be difficult. How do you know if your messaging resonates with your target market and your buyer personas?

Define the core topics or target audiences and enter detailed briefs and descriptions, or link to a related file for them.

Assign hashtags and different color-coding for easier identification.



Centralize your planning across teams and channels 

Identify bottlenecks and see all your content's progress, platforms, publishing date, tasks and approval status—all in one place.

Use our flexible filtering and sorting options to only show specific content across multiple platforms, as you wish.

Always stay in the loop and get better work done faster!

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Story list for complex content planning in Desk-Net
Custom Fields in Desk-Net content calendar system

Custom fields

Tailor to your unique needs

Do you have specific content requirements and need to have an extra field?

Simply create the fields then save your own custom views to reuse!

Minimize duplicate work, tailor your workspaces and give your teams the adaptability and flexibility they need.

Monthly content calendar

Identify gaps in your planning

The monthly calendar gives you an overview of scheduled content so you can easily spot the gaps in your plan and take action to fill them.

Adapt your view to suit your needs, easily switching between monthly and weekly views for a comprehensive or focused perspective on your content schedule.

With extensive filtering options, you will only see what is necessary whether it is per platform, status, or more.

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Monthly view in Desk-Net content calendar system
Task management in Desk-Net content calendar tool

Task Assignment

Link content and related tasks in one place

Is your team’s productivity hitting a wall of clunky processes? It’s time for an upgrade.

Plan content and assign one or multiple tasks directly to your employees and freelancers in one platform.

With Task Management, you can easily monitor delivery and act on delays, seamlessly collaborating with your teams.

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