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Streamline workflows in your comms team noticably

When you’re publishing across multiple channels like websites, blogs, newsletters, social media or print on a regular basis, simple planning tools quickly reach their limits.

And when they do, it’s time to try Desk-Net.

It doesn’t matter how many channels you need to plan for, or how many team members you’re managing — Desk-Net keeps you organized while your team works more efficiently and collaborates better than ever.

Plan and coordinate content across channels

If you’re publishing several times each week, simple tools quickly reach their limits when it comes to content planning and workflow.

Desk-Net supports communications teams and content marketers who publish moderate to large volumes across multiple channels and platforms — websites, social media, print — you name it.

With Desk-Net, you’ll keep your planning and coordination organized, no matter how many channels are involved.

Stay organized with multiple content lists

When you’re reviewing content for digital publishing, you may want to see today’s content sorted by publication time.

But what if you’re reviewing content for a client’s magazine? Then you might want to see the next three issues with the content sorted by section, such as business, travel, lifestyle, etc.

And of course, your photographers just want to see content with photo requests.

Desk-Net has flexible views, filters and sorting options so every team member can focus on the right content at the right moment.

Coordinate tasks across teams and platforms

Which video tasks are due this week? Whose assignments are running late? How much progress has the graphics team made?

With all the tasks that need to be completed — text, photos, graphics and more — you’ll need the right tool to keep you organized.

Desk-Net helps you manage and coordinate every assignment across teams and channels so you can make sure every job gets done on time.

Group stories by topic

Does your team produce a lot of content about the same subjects? Travel? Fashion? A niche subject we’ve never heard of?

Desk-Net lets you group your content by topic to help you stay organized.

Want to analyze the content you’re publishing? Simply export a spreadsheet to see details such as how many stories you have planned by topic and channel.

Integrate with your CMS

It’s easy (and free) to connect Desk-Net to your CMS. Plus, you can customize the integration so it works the way you want it to.

Desk-Net has out-of-the-box integrations with WordPress and Drupal so you can connect to your CMS without any development effort.

Getting from story planning to CMS has never been so smooth.

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