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Leading companies across industries trust Desk-Net's content marketing editorial calendar

Content Planning

Develop campaigns and track content status

Desk-Net offers a bird’s-eye view of all your content in one content calendar, even if you’re publishing content across multiple platforms.

Flexible sorting and filtering options help you focus on the content you want to see right now. 

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Task management- Assign and track tasks within Desk-Net’s content calendar software

Task status

Review your team’s progress

With all the tasks that need to be completed — text, photos, videos, and more — you’ll need the right tools to stay in control.

Desk-Net’s marketing editorial calendar software allows you to assign one or multiple tasks for one piece of content quickly.

Keep your teams accountable by centralizing content and task management onto one platform.

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Plan and organize your key topics

Group your content by key topic to make sure all your content aligns with your overarching corporate strategy.

This way, you’ll always know if you’re generating enough content related to different topics and maintain your brand's voice across different channels.

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Task management- flexible filters to oversee multiple tasks in one content calendar software

Task management

Optimize task management

Desk-Net's marketing editorial calendar software gives you flexible filters to oversee multiple tasks from more than one team.

It means that you'll always see which tasks still need to be assigned, and which ones are overdue across teams and platforms easily.

Stop wonder what your teams are working on and track their progress however you need to.

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