Stories planned in Desk-Net are transferred to WordPress


Plan and manage your stories in Desk-Net.

WordPress automatically receives the data and generates a post in draft mode.

Edit and publish the story with WordPress.

The plugin syncs updates such as status changes between WordPress and Desk-Net.


Breaking news originating in WordPress is synced to Desk-Net



Breaking news and other non-planned content needs to be published quickly.

No need to enter such stories in Desk-Net. Just publish it using WordPress.

The plugin sends the story information to Desk-Net. Story lists remain up-to-date and complete.

Connect multiple sites to Desk-Net


You are running multiple sites, maybe even on different content management systems?

Desk-Net connects with them. Send planning data to one or multiple systems.

And receive updates from those systems so that all your story lists are up-to-date and complete.



Getting started:


Request a free test account below, learn more about how the plugin works in detail or read the plugin description in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

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