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Planning and managing your stories across shows, websites, blogs and other channels is a lot of work.

On top of that, you need to coordinate and track the assignments of your writers, photographers and other contributors.

With so much to manage, you need the right tool to keep it all under control.

Desk-Net was designed to make multi-channel story planning and team coordination seamless for teams like yours. Stay organized as you plan your stories by channel, hand out assignments, collaborate with other teams, and manage your staff.

Plan and coordinate your stories across platforms

Planning and managing stories across digital channels is hard work with lots of moving parts.

But Desk-Net makes the challenge a whole lot easier:

  • Coordinate stories across all of your shows, websites, blogs and everywhere else you publish
  • Let your whole team see your story lists so everyone has the information they need to do their work


Flexible viewing for better focus

With all the stories you have to manage, you need flexible viewing options to help you focus on the stories that matter right now.

Need to see business stories across channels? Or all of today’s stories? No problem.

Desk-Net has flexible viewing, sorting and filtering options so you can see your story lists exactly the way you want to see them.

Create networks with other teams, departments and companies

In broadcasting it’s a simple fact that you’ll need to collaborate with other teams, departments or even companies.

Desk-Net lets you set up editorial networks with freelancers, editorial partners and other teams so your collaboration is seamless.

Working with others has never been so smooth.

Manage events, appointments and coverage

Covering events like press conferences and football games is routine for most broadcasters.

But keeping track of event and appointment coverage can be a pain if you don’t have the right tool.

With Desk-Net, you can keep it all organized and under control.

Desk-Net lets you manage and review all your team’s events, appointments and coverage, and keeps all the important details in one place.

Coordinate staff assignments

So you know which events you want to cover and which stories to publish. It’s time for your team to make it happen.

Desk-Net makes it simple to hand assignments out to team members and outside contributors — even if they aren’t Desk-Net users.

Request confirmation for assigned tasks, or quickly re-assign them if they’re declined.

Your internal and external staff can review their assignments and sync their appointments to their own calendar apps, keeping everyone aligned and on track.

Manage your staff's shifts and absences

In the fast-paced world of broadcasting, you need to know your staff’s availability at the drop of a hat. Who’s available right now? Who’s out today?

Desk-Net’s shift management feature lets you

  • Create your own types of shifts such as "Late Shift" and assign users to them
  • View each shift’s staffing at a glance, so you can take action as needed

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