Editorial Management Software

Managing an editorial department with dozens or even hundreds of staffers is a complex undertaking.

That complexity only increases as the number of publishing platforms grows, and with them the demands for co-ordination and collaboration across different departments.

Desk-Net is used by local, regional and national media companies such as Helsingin Sanomat of Finland and Eindhovens Dagblad of the Netherlands to 

  • efficiently manage their editorial departments while
  • increasing the quality of editorial across multiple publication platforms.

Desk-Net supports editorial departments in all of these core areas:

Cross-media story planning

Media companies publish their stories across a seemingly ever-increasing number of publication platforms.

Simply copying all that content from one channel to the next is proving less and less accepted by the audience.

Desk-Net helps editorial departments control and actively manage the flow of stories across all platforms. 

This even works across the publication platforms of different Desk-Net customers thus enabling truly networked journalism.

Every publication platform can deliver the maximum quality while sharing content with others.

Desk-Net brings together all aspects story planning in one central location. 

Every user can filter and sort the story lists according to their needs. That way for instance a graphic artist can look at just those stories that require a graphic without having to filter through those that don't.

Fast and easy story commissioning

In a typical editorial department a story idea leads to an assignment as soon as the idea gets the green light. 

Such assignments can easily be entered in Desk-Net - both internal staffers as well as freelancers can be assigned to any story (even if that person is not registered in Desk-Net).

Every user has a personal page listing all their appointments as well as the tasks associated with them. Emails notify users about new assignments and keep them up-to-date with changes.

Managers can see at a glance who is working on what assignment. Freelancers can accept or reject proposed assignments.

Editorial appointment management across departments

Many editorial stories are based on scheduled events such as sports events or press conferences.

Keeping an eye on all such events and deciding if and how to cover them efficiently is crucial.

These Desk-Net features make assignment management easy:

  • Fast entry of events and appointments - even automatically via data feeds or email forwarding
  • Comprehensive, sortable event/appointment lists - even across company accounts
  • Easy assignment of events to reporters, photographers, etc.
  • Export of personal appointments via webcal feeds into users electronic calendars (e.g. iPhone)

Efficient staff co-ordination

Knowing who is on duty and who is not helps in making fast and efficient decisions. Modern editorial management software must therefore provide relevant data on absences and other related information.

In Desk-Net users can easily enter their own absences or those of others. When reviewing story and event lists these absentee lists can quickly be checked, allowing for instant and informed decisions on whom to assign. 

With the new Shift Feature users can be assigned to shifts (e.g. Early Morning Shift for the website).

In the cloud: Easy-to-use and secure

Desk-Net resides in the cloud so it can be used wherever a user has internet access. Set up takes minutes and admin is easy.

The software is hosted at a world-class hosting provider with extensive security measures. All communication with the server is SSL-secured – just like online banking. Desk-Net's list of security features is growing continuously.