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Why are they using Desk-Net?

There are a few main developments driving the adoption of Desk-Net:

  • Complexity and the need for speed: The volume of content a publisher needs to publish is rising. So does the speed at which content is produced and published. And it needs to be published across an ever larger number of platforms. This increases planning and coordination complexity for newsrooms, editorial departments and content marketers.
  • Efficiency: Many traditional publishers are facing huge financial pressures due to the disruption of their business. Established coordination tools turned out to be too inefficient.
  • Quality: While having to publish ever more content across ever more platforms publishers and content marketers alike need to ensure quality does not suffer. And good planning is the basis of good editorial quality.

Established content management systems and editorial systems focus on content workflows, not planning and coordination processes.

Our customers use Desk-Net as a complimentary tool in addition to their established publishing systems.