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Who uses Desk-Net?

Desk-Net is being used by a very broad range of media and non-media companies in about a dozen countries worldwide. Users from around the world access Desk-Net every day.

The number of users per customer ranges from one to more than a thousand users in aggregate with the biggest single newsroom using Desk-Net counting about 650 users.

Our customers mainly come from these industries:

  • News industry (online & print): We found our first customers in the news industry with newsrooms ranging from small local newspaper via regionals to renowned national publishers.
  • Magazine & specialty publishers: At some point more and more publishers from these two industry segments started approaching us. Today we are happy to work for both very small as well as very large magazine and specialty publishers.
  • Content marketing: The rise of content marketing meant that non-media companies started to face the same or at least similar challenges as media companies. As a consequence we started to provide Desk-Net to mid-sized and large non-media companies.

Please also check out our Customer page that provides with a sample list of our customers.