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How secure is my data?

Implementing and running a secure system requires a large set of skills, standards and technologies. While we cannot go into all details the following information may help you understand why renowned publishers and international brands entrust us their data:

  • We have to adhere to German and EU data protection laws - some of the, if not the strictest data protection laws in the world. These laws regulate to a large degree how we as a company are allowed to handle your data.
  • We employ a dedicated team of Quality Assurance personnel. On average we have a ratio of one QA staffer to three developers.
  • Our technical team is certified according to the security and quality standards ISO 9001 and 27001.
  • Your data is stored in world-class data centers in the EU.
  • The data transmission to and from our servers is SSL secured.

Please contact us at should you have more detailed questions about our data security.