Story Planning

Plan stories across every platform

From digital to print, the number of publishing platforms is always increasing. Coordinating your stories across these platforms can be a headache.

Let Desk-Net keep you organized while you plan stories and assign them to any number of platforms.

Around the globe publishers of all sizes use Desk-Net to streamline their story planning. 

View only the stories you need right now (I)

View only the stories you need right now

You have a lot of stories and content to manage. So if you want to be productive, you and your team need control over how you view your stories.

Maybe you want to sort your online stories by publication time. Or maybe you want a bird’s-eye view of the stories in your next three magazine issues.

Desk-Net’s flexible viewing, sorting and filtering options don’t just help you stay in control of your stories — they help your team members work more productively too.

Group Stories by Topic

Group Stories by Topic

Many stories are part of a single topic:

  • A major news event such as an election

  • A communications campaign

  • A topic you cover often

Desk-Net makes it easy to group these stories with hashtags so you can stay organized. No more chaotic spreadsheets or unruly browser tabs. Review the lists of these stories and export them for analysis.

planning topics with desk-net

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