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Adapt to the growing complexity of story planning with the right newsroom software

Long gone are the the simple days when newsrooms only had to print to a newspaper, and the word 'channel' referred to a TV station.

Now you're publishing everywhere: websites, blogs, social media, print and more. With all the stories, tasks, staff, appointments and channels to plan, track and manage, you need a software for your newsroom that's up for the job.

Desk-Net was designed to help you stay in control of the modern editorial process — from the moment a story is conceived to the moment it enters to your CMS.

Adapt to the growing complexity of story planning

When you’re planning the day’s digital stories, you may want to see them in a list sorted by time.

And you may want to see the print version of one of those stories in a list of all your print stories — but now you want them sorted by section.

And of course, the picture desk cares only about the stories with picture requests.

Make Desk-Net your central editorial calendar software to benefit from flexible views, filters and sorting options, so everyone on your news team sees the exact stories they need to get straight to work.

Find yourself using the same set of viewing options over and over? Save those views for reuse and save yourself significant time.

Manage and review your story lists on the go

Need a quick overview of the stories your newsroom is working on?

Desk-Net's mobile web app gives you a full list of stories across every platform, along with the most essential information like each story’s status and assignments.

Just want to see sports stories that also have a video? With flexible filtering, you and your team can quickly see exactly what you need — without any distractions.

Group stories by topic

In your newsroom many stories are part of a single topic, such as an election or a football team.

The software Desk-Net makes it easy to group these stories with hashtags so you can stay organized.

This allows you to keep an eye on what's planned for a specific topic, and what’s already been published.

Manage editorial appointments more efficiently

You just received a press event invitation with files attached. Looks like you’ll need coverage for an important press conference at City Hall.

If covering events like this is routine for your newsroom, it’s time to let the Desk-Net software help you do it more efficiently.

Simply add the event and its details — location, date, coverage, assignments, attachments and more — to your calendar. Your new event and its details are now easily accessible on your editorial calendar and your story lists.

No more searching around for important information at the last minute — everything you need to know is all in one place.

Keep your team on track with appointments and deadlines

The lives of journalists are packed with appointments and deadlines. But if your journalists aren’t where they need to be, when they need to be there, your story’s progress comes to a halt.

Desk-Net makes it easy for your team members to keep track of all their appointments and deadlines so your stories get published on time.

Plus, your journalists can quickly confirm or decline new assignments from their phones, so you know right away if you need to re-assign.

Stay on top of your shifts and staffing

Coordinate shifts in your newsroom with Desk-Net software.

Modern newsrooms work in shifts from morning to night. Some work around the clock, and some even work around the globe.

With all these shifts and staff members, you need one central place where you can oversee your staff’s availability and manage their shifts.

Desk-Net newsroom software helps you keep track of it all by letting you

  • Create your own types of shifts such as "Late Shift" and assign users to them
  • View each shift’s staffing at a glance, so you can take action as needed

Plus, your team members can easily sync their shift assignments to their calendar apps so they know where they need to be and when.

Create networks with other teams, departments and companies

Need to collaborate with other teams within your company?

Or set up a network with editorial partners?

Desk-Net lets you easily connect your account to others. No development work involved.

Simply invite users from other accounts to join your network for instant editorial collaboration.

Integrate with your CMS

It’s easy (and free) to connect Desk-Net to your CMS. Plus, you can customize the integration so it works the way you want it to.

Desk-Net has out-of-the-box integrations with WordPress and Drupal so you can connect to your CMS without any development effort.

Getting from story planning to CMS has never been so smooth.

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