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Newsrooms and communications teams of all sizes streamline their content planning with Desk-Net.

Editorial calendar Desk-Net

What is Desk-Net?

The editorial calendar for medium to large teams

Your content planning is more complex than that of a blogger or a very small newsroom?

Desk-Net is the editorial calendar tool for editorial teams, comms and content marketers with more complex demands.

The tool allows you to plan content across any number and types of platforms. And the task management is tightly integrated with the content planning.

How the integration works

Content planned in Desk-Net is synced to WordPress

Schedule stories in your editorial calendar Desk-Net. WordPress receives the planning data and generates a draft post.

Enter the actual content, edit and publish it with WordPress.

The WordPress plugin syncs changes such as status updates between WordPress and Desk-Net.

Editorial Calendar for WordPress - bidirectional sync - plugin - Desk-Net
Workflow for breaking news and unplanned content - from WordPress to editorial calendar Desk-Net

Keep track of all content in Desk-Net

Content originating in WordPress is synced to Desk-Net

Non-planned content such as breaking news needs to be published quickly.

No need to enter such stories in Desk-Net. Just publish it using WordPress.

The plugin sends the story information to Desk-Net. The editorial calendar remains up-to-date and complete.

Central editorial calendar for multiple websites

Connect multiple content management systems

You are running multiple sites, maybe even on different content management systems?

Desk-Net connects with them. Send planning data to one or multiple systems.

And receive updates from those systems so that all your story lists are up-to-date and complete.

Editorial calendar for multiple WordPress websites

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