Who’s attending an event? When and where is the appointment?
Desk-Net makes it easy to manage these details, no matter how big your team is, or how many events they attend.


Plan and track appointments for your whole team

Press conferences, football games, trade shows. Whatever events your team covers, Desk-Net helps you plan and track the details.

Event calendars give you a clear view of who is attending which events and when. It’s quick and easy to add and edit events, too.

Desk-Net Events views
Editorial calendar event feed import

Calendar import & export

Seamless calendar imports and exports

Event data can come from many places, such as wire services, your own local event database and other sources.

Desk-Net lets you seamlessly import data from these feeds into your calendars and story lists, so all information stays in one place.

While everything you need to know about your appointments lives in Desk-Net, you may want to use that data elsewhere. You can easily export your personal and group appointments to other places, like your iPhone calendar.

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