What is an editorial calendar? What kind of workflows does it support? 

It is these types of questions that we routinely hear.

For that reason we have created a set of documents which in total contain many of the things we have learned about content planning and related editorial workflows: 

  • Editorial Calendar
    What is an editorial calendar? What does it consist of? Everything you always wanted to know about Editorial Calendars, but were afraid to ask.
  • Editorial Calendar Tool
    So what does an editorial calendar tool or software then actually do? How does it support editorial teams, comms and content marketers?
  • Newsroom Software
    What has changed in the newsroom software landscape? How do you fit planning and workflow tools in a newsroom?
  • List of Content Calendar Tools
    Get an overview of content calendar tools out there in the market structured by type.
  • Case studies (on our blog)
    Learn how newsrooms, editorial teams, communications departments and content marketers optimize their content planning.