Frequently Asked Questions

About Desk-Net


What is Desk-Net?

Desk-Net is a cloud-based application that helps our customers coordinate editorial processes.

The focus is on planning and coordination workflows whereas established content management systems are mainly used for handling and publishing content.

Desk-Net covers mainly these three functional areas:

  • Story planning across any number of platforms
  • Management of editorial appointments such as press conferences
  • Coordination of internal as well as external staff


Is Desk-Net a Content Management System?

Desk-Net is not a content management system (CMS).

A CMS' purpose is to allow you to create and handle content and to publish it on a website or on other platforms.

Desk-Net handles not so much the actual content, but planning and meta-data related to managing an editorial department. 

Using Desk-Net's API you can however connect Desk-Net to any number of content management systems (or other systems).


Who uses Desk-Net?

Desk-Net is being used by a very broad range of media and non-media companies in about a dozen countries worldwide. Users from around the world access Desk-Net every day.

The number of users per customer ranges from one to more than a thousand users in aggregate with the biggest single newsroom using Desk-Net counting about 650 users.

Our customers mainly come from these industries:

  • News industry (online & print): We found our first customers in the news industry with newsrooms ranging from small local newspaper via regionals to renowned national publishers.
  • Magazine & specialty publishers: At some point more and more publishers from these two industry segments started approaching us. Today we are happy to work for both very small as well as very large magazine and specialty publishers.
  • Content marketing: The rise of content marketing meant that non-media companies started to face the same or at least similar challenges as media companies. As a consequence we started to provide Desk-Net to mid-sized and large non-media companies.

Please also check out our Customer page that provides with a sample list of our customers.


Why are they using Desk-Net?

There are a few main developments driving the adoption of Desk-Net:

  • Complexity and the need for speed: The volume of content a publisher needs to publish is rising. So does the speed at which content is produced and published. And it needs to be published across an ever larger number of platforms. This increases planning and coordination complexity for newsrooms, editorial departments and content marketers.
  • Efficiency: Many traditional publishers are facing huge financial pressures due to the disruption of their business. Established coordination tools turned out to be too inefficient.
  • Quality: While having to publish ever more content across ever more platforms publishers and content marketers alike need to ensure quality does not suffer. And good planning is the basis of good editorial quality.

Established content management systems and editorial systems focus on content workflows, not planning and coordination processes.

Our customers use Desk-Net as a complimentary tool in addition to their established publishing systems.


Who should use Desk-Net?

We are happy about customers from all kinds of industries and of all sizes.

However, looking at where Desk-Net offers sufficient value we can provide you with these guidelines for finding out if you should use Desk-Net or not: You should test Desk-Net if you...

  • work in a larger editorial team of at least ten to several hundred members which is potentially subdivided into desks, departments, teams, etc.
  • need to collaborate across multiple geographic locations or companies
  • publish at least a few dozen stories per week
  • have to plan stories across multiple platforms

Are we talking about you? Then request your free test account now!

Technical Questions


How secure is my data?

Implementing and running a secure system requires a large set of skills, standards and technologies. While we cannot go into all details the following information may help you understand why renowned publishers and international brands entrust us their data:

  • We have to adhere to German and EU data protection laws - some of the, if not the strictest data protection laws in the world. These laws regulate to a large degree how we as a company are allowed to handle your data.
  • We employ a dedicated team of Quality Assurance personnel. On average we have a ratio of one QA staffer to three developers.
  • Our technical team is certified according to the security and quality standards ISO 9001 and 27001.
  • Your data is stored in world-class data centers in the EU.
  • The data transmission to and from our servers is SSL secured.

Please contact us at should you have more detailed questions about our data security.


What's Desk-Net's uptime?

We publish our current uptime plus historical data for up to three months openly on the web on our Uptime page.

By far the most downtime is scheduled and announced downtime.


Can Desk-Net be connected to other systems such as a CMS?

Yes, you can connect Desk-Net with other systems by either

In case you have questions about integration possibilities or want to know if we have already connected Desk-Net to certain systems please contact us at