Content planning built specifically for the newsroom

Control your entire content flow — from story list to task management


Move beyond one-size-fits-all planning tools

Desk-Net: The planning tool designed for the newsroom

  • Plan stories on multiple platforms, track progress, publish date, tasks and approvals.
  • View multiple days or issues side by side, even across channels with different publication schedules.
  • Integrate Desk-Net with popular CMSs, media-specific tools and communication apps to create the ultimate newsroom tech stack.
Story List Content Planning Scheduled by Day

Story List

Manage the complexity of your content workflows

Don’t leave the challenges of running a modern newsroom to outdated, or generic tools that weren’t designed specifically for your needs.

The Story List gives editors complete control of the daily story flow. Track progress, publish date, platform destination, tasks and approvals for every story — all in one central place.

Short-term Planning

Optimize the short-term story mix

Get a complete overview of stories planned over several days or what’s coming up in a single day.

Easily plan your days or issues — drag and drop stories and compare multiple days, even across channels with different publication schedules.

Optimize your story mix and set yourself up for success, day after day.

Short-Term Planning for Newsrooms
Content Planning Detailed Task Management

Task Management

Assign and track everyone’s tasks — internally and externally

Running a newsroom is more than planning stories; it's about managing tasks seamlessly. Desk-Net links stories and tasks, ensuring your team stays on track.

Assign tasks (even to freelancers), view progress and set predefined text lengths. Boost team alignment, meet deadlines and cut down on the editing expenses.

Custom Fields

Customize your editorial planning tool to fit your needs

Your newsroom is unique, so why use a constricting, one-size-fits-all planning tool?

Obtain true flexibility — create custom Story List fields and views that can be saved and shared across teams, fostering cohesive planning and alignment.

Content Planning Story List with Custom Fields
Content Planning Topics Page

Content Strategy

Don't just plan content, plan the right content

Do your daily stories align to the overarching content strategy? Bundle stories into content threads and be sure you're planning for the right audiences and topics.

Desk-Net's Topics Page helps you stay focused on the big picture, no matter what breaking stories or urgent work may pop up.

Staff Coordination

Take the hassle out of coordinating your staff

Visualize team availability with Desk-Net's easy-to-view timeline and get a quick overview so you can plan accordingly.

Plus, sync your team calendars to Desk-Net to make sure everyone stays on the same page.

Content Planning Staff Coordination

Not just a planning tool — your team’s central operational hub

Editorial and Media Integrations

Integrations with CMSs like WordPress and Drupal, and industry tools such as CUE, Aptoma and Livingdocs simplify your editorial and publishing workflows.

Communications and Planning Integrations

Link up communications apps and other planning tools to create the ultimate tech stack for your newsroom.

Desk-Net helps newsrooms like yours

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