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Content planning tool Desk-Net integrates with Wordpress
Content planning tool Desk-Net integrates with Drupal
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Seamless integrations with your favorite media-specific tools

CMS integrations

Take a story from idea to CMS — without the hassle

Desk-Net integrates out-of-the-box with popular CMSs like WordPress and Drupal to automate processes — so you can spend time on great content, not technical setup.

Have a different CMS or a special need? Use our API to connect to your platform or work with us on a custom approach.

More integrations

Connect Desk-Net to other tools and data feeds

Connect your editorial process with third party apps and other tools to streamline content management and production. 

Integrations for the news and publishing industry

Digital Asset Management

Desk-Net integrates with digital asset management systems either automatically, or by using our easy drag-and-drop feature to move images straight from DAM to Desk-Net.

Wire feeds

Connect to agency wire feeds to create events and then assign them to your reporters, photographers and freelancers on the Desk-Net content planning tool.

Press invites

Forward press invite emails to Desk-Net and create a story entry with title, description and attachments all included — everything your staff needs to cover the event. From press invite to reporter on site, in one seamless flow.


Book a Meeting with Our Integration Manager

Get your questions answered by our integrations manager and learn how Desk-Net can connect to your current workflows and products.

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Robert Dönges
Partner & Integration Manager