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Plan content across every platform

You need to publish your content across an ever-growing number of platforms.

Desk-Net helps you plan and coordinate the flow of your stories, keeping them consistent while streamlining your process.

  • Filter and sort your content lists with flexible options

  • Grant full or partial access to your team (whether they’re within your organization or not)

Learn more about planning content with Desk-Net

Manage tasks and deadlines

You’ve decided what story you want to publish. Now, you just need your team to make it happen.

Desk-Net helps you stay on top of all of your team’s editorial appointments and deadlines, so you can make sure the job gets done.

Share event details with your team’s calendars and story lists, and assign relevant tasks in one smooth process.

Learn more about managing tasks and deadlines

Coordinate staff

Who’s working on this story? Who’s absent tomorrow? Who’s working the late shift?

Desk-Net gives you total control of your staff and schedules — whether they’re within your organization or not.

  • Hand out assignments to internal and external staff

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of staff availability

  • Manage shifts across your department

Learn more about coordinating your staff

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