Don’t let urgent work and fire drills prevent you from seeing the big picture. Desk-Net gives you a clear overview of the topics your content covers, so you can keep steering the ship in the right direction.

Managing topics

View stories by campaign or topic

Desk-Net makes it easy to manage and review campaigns, major news events and everyday topics (like #sports). 

Simply tag your stories with any #topic and view that topic on a visual timeline or in a list.

For every topic you cover, you’ll be able to quickly see if you’re publishing the right amount of content, on the right platforms, on the right schedule. 

For large topics, you can also create sub-topics (e.g., #sustainability --> #climateprotection).

Graphical view of topics and sub-topics in Desk-Net editorial calendar

Reviewing topics

Review stories by topic

Want to know what stories you published under a specific topic last quarter? Need to see what’s planned around the #elections coverage this week?

One click shows you all stories, events, and tasks under a specific topic. So you have a complete view of what kind of stories you’re publishing and when.

Exporting topic data

Get topic data reports

Need to show the work you’ve done on a topic to others in your company? 

Download all story data under any topic. These reports have all the data you need to give a comprehensive overview of your work.

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