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New release: Pub status per platform, sub-topics

A new version of Desk-Net (1.96) with these improvements is now available:

  • Statuses per platform: The list of statuses used to apply to all platforms.
    With the new release, you can specify per status which platforms it should apply to (Admin > Statuses).

  • Sub-topics: Need to structure your topics or campaigns better? Now you are able to define sub-topics.

REWE Group: How to oversee a massive content output across channels


“A planning tool only becomes alive – and makes sense – when it is consistently maintained by the editorial staff”.  
Sebastian Amaral Anders, Editor in Chief of the REWE Group is talking from experience.

Hardy Schmitz - when electronics meets publishing

Hardy Schmitz in Rheine, Germany: Where corporate publishing happens


Publishing is now part and parcel of daily life for companies that would never dream of calling themselves ‘publishers’. There can be few better examples of that than the Hardy Schmitz Group.