Desk-Net’s content lists put you in the command center of your planned content.
You’ll stay organized and plan with confidence — no matter how many channels you use.

Content list views

Create views that work for you

You can’t be productive when your view is cluttered. That’s why Desk-Net gives you complete control over how you view your content lists.

Your story needs to be scheduled for your website, social media or a newsletter? Assign the story to one or multiple content lists.

Use flexible filters and sorting to see only the stories that matter for the task at hand.

Not only will you work more efficiently — you’ll also get a clear overview of all your planned content.


Monthly content calendar view
Desk-Net editorial calendar story box

Story boxes

See crucial details at a glance

Story boxes show you only the most important details — status, assignments, tasks and other essentials — right from your lists. Everything you need to know is right there.

Undated stories

Easily review, accept, and reject story pitches

Review new undated stories, then choose which will become stories and which won’t.

Accepted ideas automatically go to your content lists, so you can start planning right away.

Management of undated stories in Desk-Net

Saved views

Keep your favorites

Need the same story list views over and over? Maybe you regularly review all digital stories scheduled for this month.

Or all stories with a video, sorted by publishing date.

Save any view you want to use again for quick access. Then, share any view with your team members.

Story list exports

Send your content lists to colleagues

You can send saved views to anyone by email - even if the recipient doesn't use Desk-Net.

You can also download any story list as an Excel spreadsheet with useful statistics.

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