Control your content workflow and optimize the story mix

Story list

Master the daily story flow

What is planned for when, which tasks are overdue, which stories will be published this afternoon? Confidently coordinate your newsroom with the story list. Flexible filtering and sorting options make sure your view is never cluttered.


High-speed newsrooms

Save clicks and time

Breaking news forces you to change your content plan for the day? Move your stories in Desk-Net quickly to the next day or time slot with a single click. All data can be edited right in the list.

Custom fields

Audience needs? Topics? Manage it all

Your content planning is evolving. Start planning with User Needs or Topics on your mind? Need to add a field for specific data? Simply create what you need! Desk-Net offers the adaptability and flexibility your newsroom needs.

Grouping with user needs
Short-term planning

Short-term planning

Plan across days or issues

Focus on the upcoming publications only: whether it’s the next three days in print or digital, or the Summer and Winter issues of your magazine. The floating view shows you only what comes next, not what has already been published so you can focus on the next to-dos.

Monthly content calendar

Spot the gaps

The calendar view provides you with a high-level overview of your stories scheduled for the month. Spot the gaps in your plan and take action to fill them. The extensive filtering options make sure you only see what is necessary whether it is per platform, story status, or more.

Monthly content calendar view

Undated stories

Easily review, accept, and reject story pitches

Review new undated stories, then choose which will become stories and which won’t.

Accepted ideas automatically go to your content lists, so you can start planning right away.

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