Aptoma has built an integration for the DrPublish CMS with the Desk-Net content planning tool

Desk-Net to Aptoma

Stories planned in Desk-Net are sent to Aptoma

When a story is planned and added to Desk-Net, it is automatically created as a post in Aptoma. Streamline your content planning and production with an integration that also sends metadata such as story status and publication date to the Aptoma system.  

A link allows your team members to quickly and easily jump back-and-forth between the systems and all updates to the data are continuously synchronized. 

Posts planned in Desk-Net content calendar tool are sent over to Aptoma
Send breaking news from DrPublish to Desk-Net content calendar software

Aptoma to Desk-Net

Send breaking news from Aptoma to Desk-Net

With the integration, content that is created and published directly in Aptoma is synchronized back into Desk-Net, so all content and story lists are kept up-to-date.

Unplanned stories originating in Aptoma are created as story entries in Desk-Net and just like your scheduled content, updates to these entries on either side are automatically made. 

Next steps

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The integration with Aptoma has been implemented and is being maintained by various international Desk-Net customers.

Please contact us to learn how you can add the content calendar tool Desk-Net to your Aptoma services.

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