Manage your magazine publishing workflows

Control your story planning and publishing processes — whether you’re fully digital or making the shift.

Keep track of all upcoming magazine stories and posts in Desk-Net

Short-term Planning

Keep an overview of all upcoming stories

Get a quick, visual overview of all planned content with the Short-Term Planning page. Spot gaps and drag and drop stories into the issues or channels where they’re needed.

View issues and channels side-by-side, so you know exactly what is coming up for every one of your brands.

Story List

Manage the complexity of cross-platform content workflows

The Story List gives you complete control over the magazine story flow. Track progress, publish date, platform destination, tasks and approvals for every story, every issue — all in one central place.

Obtain true flexibility with filtering, sorting and customization options that help you handle the challenges of running a modern magazine newsroom.

Manage the complexity of magazine content planning across platform workflows
Distribute and track the tasks of all employees - even across magazine titles in Desk-Net

Task Management

Assign and track everyone’s tasks — even across titles

Running a magazine is more than planning stories; it’s about coordinating tasks seamlessly between editorial and central teams. Desk-Net links stories and tasks, ensuring everyone stays on the same page and is aligned.

Manage workflows across brands so you can share content and resources with all of your titles.

Assignment Coordination

Manage the freelancer workflow

Send out assignments, agree on costs, allow freelancers to upload their content directly into Desk-Net and stay on top of the entire process — one complete, smooth freelancer workflow, from start to finish.

Set predefined text lengths to cut down on editing time and expenses.

Optimize workflows with your freelancers

From Content Strategy to Daily Operations

Created specifically to support digital and print workflows

  • Plan stories and track progress, publish date, tasks and approvals — all in one place
  • View multiple issues and dates side by side, even across titles and channels with different publication schedules
  • Manage tasks and share content across all of your magazine brands

Improve workflows with media-specific integrations

Media Integrations

Out-of-the-box and custom integrations with CMSs, DAMs and other media tools simplify your editorial and publishing workflows. Desk-Net is an expert at helping you integrate your processes and systems.

Even more integrations possible

Link up communications apps and other software platforms to create the ultimate tech stack for your magazine.

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