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3 minutes read
Introducing the CUE Publishing Platform and Desk-Net Integration

The Desk-Net and CUE Integration - Unleashing the Power of Collaboration 

Recognizing the immense potential of combining these two powerful platforms, StiboDX, the parent company of CUE Publishing Platform, has collaborated with Desk-Net to create a standard integration.  

This integration aims to enhance the editorial workflow management capabilities of media organizations, providing them with a seamless and efficient content planning, creation and publishing process. 

New Features and Functionality 

The Desk-Net and CUE integration introduces two new features that further amplify the power of these platforms when used together: 

  1. Text Length Function for Copy: Desk-Net's detail entry mask now includes a text length function for text tasks. This allows content creators and editors to set specific word count targets for each task, ensuring consistency and adherence to editorial guidelines. - 

  1. Assignment to the Master Channel: In the context of CUE, the "master channel" refers to the main base where content is initially created and managed. The integration enables seamless assignment of tasks to this master channel, streamlining the content creation process. By centralizing the assignment of tasks and ensuring alignment with the master channel, media organizations can maintain consistency and avoid duplication of efforts. 

Benefits of the Desk-Net and CUE Integration 

The integration of Desk-Net and CUE brings forth a multitude of benefits for media organizations, revolutionizing their editorial workflow management processes. Let's explore some key advantages of this integration: 

Key Benefit 1: Streamlined Content Creation Workflow 

The Desk-Net and CUE integration streamlines the content creation workflow by seamlessly connecting the planning and management phases.  

Stories initiated in Desk-Net are automatically translated into placeholder content items in CUE, creating a direct connection between the two systems. This integration empowers editors to maintain an encompassing overview of content progress in Desk-Net while team members focus on content management in CUE. 

Key Benefit 2: Stay aligned with Status Monitoring 

As content is modified and updated in CUE, the corresponding stories and tasks in Desk-Net are automatically synchronized, ensuring real-time engagement and status monitoring.  

Editors can remain consistently informed about the latest developments in content creation, ensuring that their planning and management efforts are aligned with the actual content being developed. 

For those interested in learning more about the integration and its capabilities, you can contact Desk-Net Support at support@desk-net.com