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Leading companies across industries trust Desk-Net's content marketing planning software


Plan and organize your content topics

Does your team produce a lot of content about the same topics such as Innovation or Safety & security

Desk-Net lets you group your content by topic and get a full view of each topic’s content, tasks, events, and timelines.

This means you’ll always know if you’re generating enough content related to different topics and areas of your business. Regularly scheduled topics — like quarterly results — will be easier than ever to track and manage.

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Develop your campaigns and track content status

Desk-Net offers a bird’s-eye view of all your topics in one content planning tool, even if you’re publishing content across multiple platforms.

Flexible sorting and filtering options help you focus on the content you want to see right now. 

You can always know when, where, and how content will be published across your platforms.

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Task management

Review your team’s progress

Desk-Net allows you to assign tasks to individual team members quickly so that everyone can stay on the same page.

Additionally, Desk-Net's content planning software gives you flexible filters to oversee multiple tasks from more than one team.

This means that you can always see which tasks still need to be assigned and which ones are overdue.

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