Connect your Drupal sites with the Desk-Net editorial calendar tool and sync data between the two systems.

How it works

Stories planned in Desk-Net are sent to Drupal

Desk-Net helps media and communications teams plan and manage their stories and content.

With the Drupal integration, story data created on Desk-Net is automatically sent to your Drupal website and creates an unpublished article — streamlining your content planning and production workflow.

Desk-Net editorial calendar plugin for Drupal
Bidirectional sync between Drupal and Desk-Net editorial calendar tool for breaking news

Two-way Sync

Breaking news originating in Drupal is sent back to Desk-Net

Have breaking news and need to publish immediately on your Drupal site? The integration sends story data back to Desk-Net from Drupal, ensuring that story lists on your content planning tool are as up to date as what’s on your website.

Various Drupal Sites

Connect Desk-Net to multiple sites and always stay current

Are you a big organization with multiple sites, maybe on several different content management systems? No problem — Desk-Net connects with them all.

Send story and planning data to all your websites and receive updates back from those systems so story lists are up to date and reflect what’s live.

Connect various Drupal sites to Desk-Net editorial calendar tool

Next steps

Contact us to learn more about the integration

The Desk-Net to Drupal integration has been implemented and successfully used by many of our international customers.

Please contact us to learn how you can combine the Desk-Net content calendar tool with your Drupal sites.

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