Editorial assignments in Slack

Receive assignments in your favorite messaging tool

Desk-Net automatically sends new assignments to Slack users on your team.

Messages can include the story slug, description, attachments, event data and even a link that takes the recipient straight to the assignment in Desk-Net. 

Newsroom assignments sent to Slack
Receive updates to assignments in Slack

Updates to Assignments

Receive updates to your assignments via Slack

Comments from your editor? Changes to the deadline?

Desk-Net sends a message to you via Slack with all changes clearly highlighted. 

Stories to Slack Groups

Send Stories to Slack for discussion

Need to discuss story ideas in Slack with a specific team in your newsroom?

Thanks to the Slack integration, Desk-Net lets you send a story straight from any content calendar list to a Slack group.

Simply enter a comment, select the appropriate group and hit Send — done. 

Send Stories to Slack Groups from the Desk-Net Editorial calendar

Next steps

Contact us to learn more about the integration

The Desk-Net to Slack integration has been implemented and successfully used by many of our international customers. Please contact us to learn how you can combine the Desk-Net editorial content calendar tool and your team’s Slack. 

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