Editorial Assignments in Slack

Receive your assignments in your preferred messaging tool

Desk-Net automatically sends new assignments to Slack users.

Those messages contain just about all information that has been entered by the editor: Slug, description, attachments, event data, etc.

Links take the user straight to the assignment in Desk-Net.

Newsroom assignments sent to Slack
Receive updates to assignments in Slack

Updates to Assignments

Receive updates to your assignments via Slack

Your editor comments on your assignment? The deadline has shifted?

Editorial calendar tool Desk-Net will send a message to you via Slack with the changes clearly highlighted.

Stories to Slack Groups

Send Stories to Slack for discussion

You may want to discuss a story in Slack with a specific team in your newsroom.

Thanks to its integration with Slack Desk-Net lets you send a story straight from any content calendar list in Desk-Net to a Slack group.

Enter a comment, select the group to send it to, hit Send – done.

Send Stories to Slack Groups from the Desk-Net Editorial calendar

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