Send story metadata from Desk-Net to WordPress and vice-versa with our WordPress plugin.

WordPress – Use Case 1

Posts planned in Desk-Net are automatically sent to WordPress

Perfect for mid- to large-sized media and communications operations, Desk-Net helps you plan and automate your content across any number of tools and platforms, including WordPress.

With the integration, a story planned in Desk-Net is automatically created as a post in WordPress. Streamline your production by sending the story and any associated metadata — such as publication status, target audience and scheduled date — to WordPress.

Plus, changes to the data on Desk-Net are continuously synchronized and then updated on WordPress.

Posts planned in Desk-Net content calendar tool are sent over to WordPress
Send breaking news from WordPress to Desk-Net content calendar software

WordPress – Use Case 2

Send stories from WordPress to Desk-Net

You can’t plan for everything. When breaking news hits, you need to be able to post directly to WordPress and hit publish. With this integration, content and metadata originating in WordPress automatically gets sent back to Desk-Net, meaning stories in your planning tool are always as up to date as what’s on your website. 

And just like with scheduled content, updates on either the Desk-Net or WordPress side are continuously synchronized.

Content delivery to WordPress

Let your freelancers deliver content to WordPress via Desk-Net

Want your freelancers to upload content, but don’t want to give out access to your WordPress site? With the Desk-Net integration, assignments sent to your writers include a link to an upload page.

When a story is uploaded, it’s sent straight to WordPress, allowing you to receive content in a structured way, while also maintaining control over your CMS.   

Have freelancers deliver content to WordPress via Desk-Net content calendar

Next steps

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The integration with WordPress has been implemented and is being maintained by many of Desk-Net's international customers such as The Times.

Please contact us to learn how you can combine the Desk-Net content calendar tool with your WordPress system.

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