The plugin provides a bidirectional integration of content calendar tool Desk-Net with WordPress

WordPress – Use Case 1

Posts planned in Desk-Net are sent over to WordPress

With Desk-Net, you plan the content of mid-sized to large media content operations across any number and type of platforms, including one or multiple WordPress sites.

Once a story has been planned, Desk-Net automatically creates a post in WordPress. Meta-data such as the status or the scheduled publication date can be sent over as well.

With links, users quickly jump from the post in one system to the other. Subsequent changes to the data are synchronized continuously.

Posts planned in Desk-Net content calendar tool are sent over to WordPress
Send breaking news from WordPress to Desk-Net content calendar software

WordPress – Use Case 2

Send breaking news from WordPress to Desk-Net

Some content cannot be planned. It gets created and published in WordPress without planning in Desk-Net.

The plugin makes sure such content is synced to Desk-Net so that the content lists in Desk-Net are kept up-to-date.

Content originating in WordPress creates a story entry in Desk-Net. Just like for scheduled content, updates to these entries on either side are synchronized continuously.

Content delivery to WordPress

Have freelancers deliver content to WordPress via Desk-Net

With Desk-Net, you send out assignments to freelancers. Those assignments may include data such as appointments, costs, or T&Cs.

They also include an upload link. Freelancers can use this link to access the story’s upload page in Desk-Net to upload files or enter content.

That content is then sent over to WordPress.

This allows you to keep freelancers away from your WordPress site while receiving the content in a structured way. And best of all: Such freelancers are free of charge in Desk-Net.

Have freelancers deliver content to WordPress via Desk-Net content calendar

Next steps

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The integration with WordPress has been implemented and is being maintained by many of Desk-Net's international customers.

Please contact us to learn how you can add the content calendar tool Desk-Net to your WordPress system.

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