Automate your data entry processes by connecting tools to Desk-Net via Zapier


Automate workflows by connecting Zapier and Desk-Net

Say goodbye to the repetitive task of manual data entry and hello to efficient, streamlined processes. With a Zapier integration, you can automatically send data from your favorite tools straight to Desk-Net, allowing your team to focus on writing stories and creating great content.

Whether you need to create a new story, set up a topic, or schedule an event, integrating Zapier and Desk-Net will make your team more productive and efficient.

Automate workflows by connecting Zapier and Desk-Net
Streamline your story entry workflow

Story Entry

Streamline your story entry workflow

An integration between Desk-Net and Zapier can automate the manual entry processes that slow down your content planning.

For example, Zapier can automatically pull data from an Excel spreadsheet or online form builder tools such as Google Forms, Jotform or TypeForm, and post this information as a story directly on Desk-Net. 

Event Entry

Create events in Desk-Net with Zapier

The Zapier to Desk-Net integration can also help automate your calendar management processes. By connecting popular tools like Google Calendar, your team’s calendars can be synched to Desk-Net — allowing everyone to see availability as well as ensuring an overview of all your events, dates and times.

Event entry into Desk-Net

Easy setup

Low-code and user-friendly set up

Spend time on coordinating your team and content planning — not the technical setup. With Zapier’s user-friendly interface and a simplified configuration, you’ll be able to unlock the power of seamless integration without committing resources to coding or advanced technical work.

Next steps

Contact us to learn more about the integration

The Zapier integration has been implemented and is being used by many of Desk-Net's international customers.

Please contact us to learn how you can connect Zapier and Desk-Net.

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