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Editorial Days
3 minutes read
Video - How Süddeutsche Zeitung is using Desk-Net to streamline their e-edition production

Süddeutsche Zeitung is a leading German newspaper with a digital edition with over 100,000 subscribers. The production of this e-edition was a complex and time-consuming process for the team.  

Recently, Hannes Vollmuth, Senior Editor for Digital Strategy, and Stefan Simon, Senior Editor for Training at Süddeutsche Zeitung, gave a presentation at the Desk-Net customer conference Editorial Days 2023. They discussed the challenges their newsroom faced in producing their e-edition.  

Süddeutsche Zeitung started using Desk-Net in 2021, and they quickly realized the benefits of the tool. Such as:  

  • Centralize all their editorial planning in one place 
  • Improve communication and collaboration between editors 
  • Improve workflows involved in e-edition production 
  • As a result, Süddeutsche Zeitung was able to save a significant amount of time and resources. They were also able to produce their e-edition more quickly. 

How Süddeutsche Zeitung is using Desk-Net to automate their e-edition production 

1. Crafting Story Plans - Within Desk-Net, editors have the flexibility to craft comprehensive story plans encompassing vital details such as the story's title, author, publication date, and designated platform. This assembled data serves as the foundation for the automatic generation of e-edition pages. 

2. Delegating Editorial Tasks - Desk-Net empowers editors to delegate story assignments to their peers, fostering a cohesive environment where everyone is cognizant of their respective roles and responsibilities.   

3. Monitoring Story Progress - Editors can conveniently monitor the progress of their stories using Desk-Net, gaining immediate insight into which stories remain works in progress and which are ready for publication.   

4. Streamlining Article Placement in the E-Edition - When strategizing content for the e-edition, editors embed markers in Desk-Net, which subsequently instruct the e-edition tool on where to precisely place articles in the digital publication. This meticulous process of marker placement is indispensable, as it underpins the workflow enhancements crucial for seamless e-edition production.  

If you are interested in learning more about how Süddeutsche Zeitung is using Desk-Net to automate their e-edition production, watch the recording of their presentation at the Editorial Days 2023 now: