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Editorial Days
2 minutes read
Robert Dönges, Integrations With Workflow Automation Tools

In this recording, join Robert Dönges as he discusses the significance of automation tools, with a focus on Zapier, when it comes to streamlining editorial workflows for Desk-Net customers. Discover how these automation tools act as building blocks, enabling seamless integration between applications and fully automated workflows in Desk-Net. Say goodbye to manual integrations and hello to time-saving efficiency.  

During the presentation, you will discover: 

  • Importance of automation tools in customer system landscapes and SaaS providers like Desk-Net. 
  • Time-saving benefits of automation and the increasing demand for integrations. 
  • Introduction to Zapier as a popular automation tool for connecting applications and enabling data transfer. 
  • Use cases for automation in marketing and sales, e-commerce, project management, social media, and editorial tasks. 
  • Desk-Net's integration with Zapier, showcasing examples like capturing story suggestions and automating data posting from Excel spreadsheets. 

Prepare to be inspired and motivated as Robert Dönges showcases automation tools and guides you toward transforming your workflow. Watch the recording now. 

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