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Communications Planning
5 minutes read
Content planning software vs spreadsheets

Every day, the world is becoming more digital and remote. People can work with others on in-depth projects without ever being in the same room with one another. These are crazy advancements that have come rather quickly, but businesses continue to adapt to these growing trends.

However, if you use a traditional spreadsheet, you will not be as prepared as you could be for that quick and efficient adaptation. If you want to have the capability to handle whatever the business world throws at you next, you need to invest in content planning software. Here are the main benefits that content planning software has over traditional spreadsheets.

Difficulties and limitations of content planning with spreadsheets

Spreadsheets, even in their traditional form, can be handy. However, if you have tried to manage content planning through a conventional spreadsheet, it likely didn’t take you long to figure out the different difficulties and limitations of this method:

Spreadsheets make it extremely difficult to work in parallel

When you use a traditional spreadsheet instead of content planning software, you have an abundance of issues when it comes to working in parallel. Many spreadsheets, if they can be shared and viewed by multiple team members, cause team members to fall on top of one another. 

Since there is no private workspace for anyone viewing or editing the spreadsheet, you always have the name and tasks of others in your way while you are trying to work. It also significantly increases the chances of different employees saving over the work of other employees resulting in wasted time.

Content planning software allows you to have savable, uniquely sorted, and filtered lists that you can work on individually.

Spreadsheets make it difficult to integrate with a CMS

Depending on which software your business uses for spreadsheets, you either cannot integrate it into a CMS, or it is challenging.

If you want team members from all over the world to have the capability to follow your content management process, you want that process to be simple. Unfortunately, if you are using a traditional spreadsheet, your system always requires extra steps, raising the chance of errors.

When you invest in content planning software, you will have seamless (and smart) integrations that are easy to explain.

Spreadsheets are hard to compartmentalize

Each business has information classified as “need to know.” Realistically, there are bits of information that you don’t want your whole company knowing; this is especially true for freelancers. Unfortunately, when it comes to traditional spreadsheets, it is hard to categorize this information.

However, with content planning software, you have complete control over who sees what. Besides tasking your employees and freelancers at will, you can also set up specific permissions for each person.

The benefits of content planning software

When you invest in content planning software like Desk-Net, you can enjoy many that are much harder to implement or impossible to with a traditional spreadsheet.

Here are just a few of the benefits that content planning software has to offer:

Staying organized: When you use content planning software like Desk-Net, you have access to different calendar views that are highly customizable based upon your current task.

Saving time: Desk-Net enables you to use features such as saved views to help you manage the pages and areas of your content that you frequent. So, if you have a list or document that you work on frequently, using the saved views will save you time and clicks by being readily at your disposal.

Improving collaboration: Seamless integration with one or multiple CMS systems, real-time updates, and advanced features such as topics are just a few ways Desk-Net improves collaboration.

Filtering, sorting, and grouping: When working with a large team, having good organization is critical. With the filtering, sorting, and grouping options available with Desk-Net, organizing every aspect of your CMS process (and your business as a whole) is a breeze!

If you want to stay up to date with the changing dynamics of global business practices, you need the tools to handle those dramatic changes. The benefits of content planning software make it easy to understand how vastly more productive you can become.

Traditional spreadsheets served a purpose, but their time has passed. If you want to expand with an ever-growing, global team, you want to invest in content planning software, such as Desk-Net.

Book a demo or start your 30-day free trial now and find out what Desk-Net can do for you today!